Beach Day

Transition Llantwit with the support of Glamorgan Heritage Coast has organised a beach litter pick on the 24th September from 11am until 1pm at Llantwit Major beach.

Even though the summer is all but over it is still important to keep our beach looking clean, not only for visitors and ourselves, but also for the wildlife that live on and around the beach itself. Please come and join us at this worthwhile event!

Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and footwear given the time of year.  Also, please bring gloves as there will be a limited supply.

Afterwards we will be whizzing back up to the Miri Mieri family garden for the Great Marrow-thon Harvest and Weigh-In.

At 2.30 we will gather to harvest the marrow, which has been lovingly grown in a giant tyre, provided by our friend Matty. We will then carry our dear marrow to the Co-op store, where it will be officially weighed (at approx 3 pm). The winner of the Marrow-thon will be the closest guess of the marrow’s weight when harvested. If the winner happens to be in attendance, he or she will be awarded the prize of a beautiful piece of glass art, donated by local artist Denise Hayes. This will probably be back at the garden, weather-permitting.

All proceeds from the Marrow-thon will be donated to Llantwit Major First Responders. If you haven’t had a guess yet, you’ll have a chance at the Beach Clean, or just before the harvesting – so do come along!

Enquiries to 01446 796849 or 07809 624795.


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