A Very Successful Litter Pick!

Today, saw about 20 volunteers enthusiastically collecting up all sorts of rubbish from Llantwit Major beach. The sun shone down on us as we collected a total of 16 black bags of rubbish as well other larger unusual items!

The smaller items consisted of a variety of washed up rubbish such as pieces of commercial fishing nets as well as fishing line used by individuals. The rest of the smaller items consisted of ‘typical’ litter such as food wrappers, plastic bottles and drinks cans of varying varieties!

Regarding the larger rubbish, we had a a bit of contest running between us as to who could find the most unusual rubbish! Early ‘entrants’ included a traffic cone, a rather shabby baseball cap, a jumper, a shoe and a couple of toothbrushes! As the time progressed we had almost a complete outfit! However, by the end of the two hours, I believe we had a clear winner…a rather large cut off of a wooden veneer kitchen worktop! Who would have thought we would find that at a beach?!

We all know that reducing the washed up rubbish could be a trickier battle to fight but we really hope that after all our hard work that visitors to our beautiful beach will think twice about dropping litter.

Transition Llantwit would like to thank everyone today who has joined our litter pick at various points of the day. It shows just what we can achieve when we work together. We would also like to say a big thank you to the Glamorgan Heritage Coast who provided us with gloves and collected all of the rubbish we found.

Sam Secker
Transition Llantwit

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  1. It was nice to read your post. Thank you for posting this piece!


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