The Great Marrowthon Weigh In

Anyone who has visited the Miri Mieri Garden over the last few months won’t have failed to notice the ever growing marrow! The children who have been visiting and looking after the marrow over the last few months have been patiently watching it grow. They have worked hard to keep the pesky snails away!

However, the ‘Marrowthon’ came to an end on Saturday with the weigh in taking place at the Co-operative store. The marrow weighed 5lbs 2oz/2.32kg so not too massive but impressive all the same. The competition to guess the weight was in order to raise vital funds for the Llantwit First Responders. The winning guess was Michael of Llanblethian, who won a beautiful piece of glass made by local artist and Transition Llantwit member, Denise Hayes. In total £50.90 was raised and the cheque was presented to Gareth, from the Llantwit First Responders, outside the Miri Mieri garden. A First Responder’s Kit Bag costs £100 so our fund raising will be put to good use.

Sam Secker
Transition Llantwit

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