Miri Mieri meets Botawa!

Miri Mieri family garden is ripe for harvesting many seeds, such as tomatoes, beans, cucumbers etc.

Brilliant timing, because we have just heard about Botawa: a scheme to link schools in Wales with 2 schools, in Botswana and Tanzania. The children in the African countries live in very poor areas, so the scheme has purchased land for growing their own food, and sunk wells to irrigate the vegetable plots.

We have been asked for spare seeds – many of our vegetables should thrive there, eg beans, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, pumpkin, potatoes, maize, chard and carrots. They are also planning to keep bees, so that will help with pollination.

 “Last January the land (in Tanzania) was just rough ground with boulders and thorns, the funding given by the Waterloo Foundation allowed them to clear it and fence it. Now the pupils are using the harvest in their school dinners and selling any surplus to the community. So exciting! The garden will enable improved nutrition for students, act as a focus for curriculum exchange with the UK and Botswana, teach life skills to students and provide a small income to sustain the partnership.”

So – on Saturday 8th we will have a seed-saving session at Miri Mieri, 10.30 – 12.30. We’ll keep what we need for our garden, and the rest will be taken to Africa in 2 weeks time!

All ages are welcome. Miri Mieri is a Transition Llantwit project. For more information contact 796849 / 07804 624795, and see www.botawa.co.uk.

Annie Paine
Transition Llantwit

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