Christmas Presents – Have More Fun and Save Money!

We all know the Christmas present saga – you struggle to choose and afford a suitable gift, the recipient forces a smiling “thank you” for yet more unwanted stuff, it ends up in the charity shop or the back of the cupboard…

But… there’s a simple, fun alternative, if there are several grown-ups in your Christmas gathering. In our family, buying presents for a dozen adults was getting ridiculous, so for the last 3 years we’ve played my sister’s Christmas Present Game:

  • Each person buys and wraps just one gift (unlabelled), maximum cost £10 (or whatever you agree on).
  • Pick numbers from a hat to decide the order of choosing.
  • Person No. 1 chooses a wrapped present and unwraps it.
  • Person 2 chooses a wrapped present OR takes the present form Person 1, who then chooses again.
  • Person 3 chooses a wrapped present OR takes from Person 1 or 2, who chooses again.
  • And so on…

Yes, it’s frustrating when someone takes a present you really like, but fun choosing again. Our presents have been silly or sensible, including games, books, a back massager, even a lottery ticket!

The over-consumption in our society is unaffordable, financially and in terms of resources, and the waste generated over the festive season is shameful.

Do you have suggestions for a more sustainable, affordable Christmas? Having a happy time, without hurting the planet and the people whose lives are already harmed by our lifestyle? If so, email us at

Annie Paine
Transition Llantwit


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