Harvest Llantwit: “pocket-fulls, hat-fulls, and bushel-bag-fulls”

Transition Llantwit would like to say a big “thank you” to all those who joined in the first ever Harvest Llantwit.

There have been thirteen generous donors, in Llantwit Major, Boverton, St Athan and Llanmaes, offering to share their surplus apples, plums, pears, and crab apples, mostly with complete strangers.

Nineteen people in the area, wishing to use the fruit, were put in touch with the donors, making amazingly good use of it, including apple pies, plum jam for the Samaritans, cider, puddings for a residential home, crab apple jelly, and chutneys. Some users experimented with new ways of using all this free food, including sautéed apples, apples in soups, and a scrummy pear and marzipan tart.

It’s proved impossible to work out how much fruit has changed hands, but users’ examples include: 3 Ikea bags of apples and 1 Ikea bag of pears for juicing; 35 – 40 lb of cooking apples to make 20 apple pies; an astounding 100kg of apples to make cider.

Annie Paine wishes to praise especially the performance of our trees, singling out a Victoria plum in Boverton, which produced about 24 carrier-bags-full, and her own majestic Bramley, estimated to have yielded half a tonne this year.

If you have any space in your garden, Transition Llantwit urges you to plant fruit trees. If you don’t have space, but still fancy growing them, contact 796849 or transition.llantwit@gmail.com to join our community orchard projects.

Meanwhile, lets hope for another bountiful crop in 2012. In the words of the Wassail song:

“Health to thee, good apple-tree,
Well to bear, pocket-fulls, hat-fulls,
Peck-fulls, bushel-bag-fulls.”


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