Can you Spare an Hour to Help at Miri Mieri Family Garden?

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get busy at Llantwit Major’s Miri Mieri. Last Sunday our potatoes were already shooting, benefitting from a good dose of Cowbridge Compost.

 Two-year-old Huw found two slow-worms basking under the roof-felt refuge: a chunky male, and a rubber-band-sized juvenile, golden with sleek black stripes along his side. The small one was too lively to hold, but the large male, more chilled, flicked his tongue to taste Huw’s hand, and blinked his eyelids, which snakes are unable to do. Slow-worms excrete through a single “cloaca”, which he did on Annie’s hand – was it a wee or a poo? We decided it must be a “woo”!

 On Easter Saturday, we’ll be at Miri Mieri from 2 till 4, to sow seeds, most importantly some pumpkins to become a fund-raising “guess-the-weight” giant (we hope). Also, we’ll plant onions and lettuce seedlings, which we’ll protect from cold and slugs with pop-bottle-cloches and coffee grounds.

 All ages are welcome, but children must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult. We recommend old clothes. If the weather is too cold and wet, we’ll postpone.

 Meanwhile we desperately need help with the slightly heavier jobs that are beyond the younger Miri Mieri people. Maybe there are grandparents or older siblings – we will welcome anyone who can help. If you can spare an hour or so, weekdays or weekends, please ring 796849 or 07804 624795.

 Miri Mieri adjoins the small children’s play area near Llantonian Hall, and is a Transition Llantwit project.


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