Riverside Market Garden Veg Box Scheme

Transition Llantwit would like to remind everyone about the veg box scheme that has been taking place in Llantwit Major. Health Conscious, based in Llantwit Major, decided early this year to become a pick up point for a local organic vegetable box scheme run by Riverside Market Garden.

Riverside Market Garden (www.riversidemarketgarden.co.uk) is a community owned social enterprise that has been producing fresh veg in on the outskirts of Cowbridge (St Hilary) for over a year now

Currently the majority of their boxes go to the Riverside Farmers Market in Cardiff however they have decided to start delivering to Cowbridge and Llantwit Major.

The deliveries to Health Conscious take place each Friday. People can choose from £40 a month for a box each week, or £20 for a fortnightly box.

For more information please contact us on transition.llantwit@gmail.com and we should be able to answer any questions you have about the scheme!

I have had a veg box from there for the last couple of months and they have been fantastic!


Mark Gabb
Transition Llantwit

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