Miri Mieri Update

Miri Mieri Update Chilly, rain-soaked Miri Mieri has transformed overnight to parched, baked clay, but astonishingly, most of our plants are thriving, including potatoes, beetroot, broad beans, oca, Calendulas, and all the herbs.

This summer, Transition Llantwit’s family garden project aims to have a regular session every Saturday from 11 till 1. If you can’t manage this, get a few friends together and we’ll arrange a gardening session for you.

Recently, we sowed Birds’ Egg French beans and peas from last year’s pods: “Shucking the dried peas out of their pods seems to be genuinely thrilling to small boys. Everyone joined in really well with planting the peas and birdsegg beans. One boy exclaimed ‘oh they look like eggs’ before I could tell them what they were and then went on to explain confidently to his mother that they were going to grow into beanstalks. Well done that boy!”

Miri Mieri is near Llantonian Hall, adjoining the small children’s play area. All ages are welcome, as long as children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Old clothes recommended. Enquiries 01446 796849 / 07804 624795.


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