Transition Llantwit Community Foodie Day!

On Saturday, Transition Llantwit members took part in a Community Foodie organised trip around the Vale of Glamorgan, Bridgend and Cardiff to visit existing Community Gardens sites to supplement and improve our current knowledge.

The large group included not only Transition Llantwit members but other “community garden enthusiasts” from Wick and Bridgend looking to form their own new community gardens, and improving their existing ones. It was a great opportunity to learn from others and form new links with other groups.

Llangeinor Community Gardens

After meeting in Bridgend, our first site visit was t o Llangeinor Community Garden where they were in the early stages of establishing their garden. This site is an area where there used to be a Swimming Pool so the soil is quite stony and poor and therefore they have a set of raised beds built using sleepers and have plans for many more!

Our next visit was to  Evanstown Community Garden where they have established a Community Garden mostly constructed using recycled materials and a large dose of ingenuity! My particular highlight was the veg stand made out of palettes! (see photo). This garden was probably the most akin to our Miri Mieri garden.

Following our visit to Evanstown, we went over to Cefn Criwbr Community Garden, which was founded in 2008. Over the last 4 years they have taken a plot of land behind their community centre and turned it into small plot allotments, including raised beds and the like. This allotment scheme is also linked to a gardening club ran by the community centre. In addition to the allotments, there is a small garden which is looked after by a local school effectively creating links with the local community.

Evanstown Community Garden

From the Chapter Arts Centre we made the short trip over to Leckwith allotments where we found the most mature project we had seen that day. At this site there were large scale allotments, including an NHS run “garden” with wheelchair access, fantastic stuff! There was also a dedicated space that was being prepared to allow gardening courses to take place under cover.Following our visit to the Vale of Glamorgan we headed over to lunch at the Chapter Arts Centre. Whilst at the Arts Centre we also viewed their small scale Community Garden at the front of the building which mixed flowers and vegetable growing in raised beds. Very effective, very pretty and you end up with lots of yummy produce at the end!

After Leckwith we made our way over to  our final destination at Taffs Well and Nantgarw Community Garden. This project was around 3 years old, and they housed their own bees (very jealous!), childrens play area, orchard and several very clever and innovative willow structures. Again, another site with ingenuity, ideas and a large dose of hard work.

Following this, we made our merry way home to Bridgend FULL of ideas and inspiration for any future and current community garden projects Transition Llantwit take on!

We’d like to thank Community Foodie for inviting us along! Thank you!


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