Marine Protected Areas in Wales – Last Chance to Have Your Say

Many of us in the Vale spend our summer holidays at locations around our beautiful Welsh coast. It’s easy to take for granted the clean seas and golden sands, but we urgently need legal protection to safeguard our waters from damaging activities.

Even the Skomer Marine Nature Reserve off the Pembrokeshire coast still has lobster potting, and boat users approaching breeding seals, and most of the sea has no real protection.

The Welsh Assembly Government’s Consultation on creating Marine Conservation Zones runs until 31st July, so this is our last chance to have our say.

“There are NO areas of Welsh coast that are fully protected. Out there, beyond the beach, habitats and marine creatures are being damaged or destroyed. Now YOU can tell the Welsh government why you want to see damaging activities stopped at the 10 sites they have selected for protection. The coastal waters of Wales must be saved for future generations, and your voice counts NOW.” (Marine Conservation Society)

It only takes a few minutes to help save our seas:
Step 1 – Pledge your support for Marine Protected Areas at
Step 2 – Write to your MP or AM (there’s a ready-made email online).

Do it now!


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