Transition Llantwit members have been campaigning for a call for a moratorium into hydraulic fracturing and its associated consequences.

In March 2011, Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd submitted an application to test drill for gas at the Llandow Industrial Estate which could in future lead to hydraulic fracturing taking place. This application has subsequently been withdrawn, but a further application has been made with alterations.

Llandow is situated only a couple of miles away from Llantwit Major but Transition Llantwit treat this as a national issue of importance and have been involved with the ‘No Fracking UK’ campaign group.

Transition Llantwit believe that extensive studies should take place into the health and environmental consequences of  ‘fracking’ before it is considered for development in the UK.

An e-petition has been submitted on the HM government website calling for a moratorium:

On Thursday 2oth October in a remarkable triumph, the application by Coastal Oil and Gas to test drill for shale gas at Llandow Industrial Estate was turned down! The Vale of Glamorgan Council planning committee unanimously opposed the application which resulted in much applause from local campaigners including Transition Llantwit members.

So our campaigning against shale gas drilling continues as we try to raise awareness of this issue which could potentially effect areas all over the UK.

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