Petition Fish

Petition Fish is The Wildlife Trusts’ campaign to put pressure on the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments to create Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) – sanctuaries for our sea life.

Given Llantwit Major is on the UK coastline, it is important we support campaigns such as this, so please add your name to the petition!

More information is given on the link below:


Fill that hole!

Potholes can be more than a nuisance. They can be a danger to cyclists and others. In the UK, there’s an average of one road defect for every 110 metres of road. Now there is a way where you can make the council aware of potholes from your computer!

Fill That Hole is a website where you can log a pot hole at a particular location and they contact the council to try and get that pot hole fixed for you!

Mark Gabb
Transition Llantwit

Miri Mieri Update

Miri Mieri Update Chilly, rain-soaked Miri Mieri has transformed overnight to parched, baked clay, but astonishingly, most of our plants are thriving, including potatoes, beetroot, broad beans, oca, Calendulas, and all the herbs.

This summer, Transition Llantwit’s family garden project aims to have a regular session every Saturday from 11 till 1. If you can’t manage this, get a few friends together and we’ll arrange a gardening session for you.

Recently, we sowed Birds’ Egg French beans and peas from last year’s pods: “Shucking the dried peas out of their pods seems to be genuinely thrilling to small boys. Everyone joined in really well with planting the peas and birdsegg beans. One boy exclaimed ‘oh they look like eggs’ before I could tell them what they were and then went on to explain confidently to his mother that they were going to grow into beanstalks. Well done that boy!”

Miri Mieri is near Llantonian Hall, adjoining the small children’s play area. All ages are welcome, as long as children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Old clothes recommended. Enquiries 01446 796849 / 07804 624795.

Transition Llantwit Joins Sunflower Experiment

Come to Miri Mieri garden this Saturday to take part in the Great Turing Sunflower Experiment to grow 3000 sunflowers.

Transition Llantwit’s family garden has registered with the mass experiment, and will sow the seeds on Saturday 12th May (11 – 1). You can grow the seeds at Miri Mieri or take them home.

If you want to sign up separately for the project see – great if local schools and groups can join in. 

“Why Turing’s Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are not only beautiful. They are fascinating. The spirals of seeds in sunflower heads often follow a special pattern of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. Mathematical patterns can be found in other plants and animals too – everything from pine cones to a tiger’s stripes can be linked to mathematics. 
Alan Turing, perhaps best known for helping crack the Enigma Code during WW2, was fascinated by how maths works in nature. Turing noticed that the Fibonacci sequence often occurred in sunflower seed heads. He hoped that by studying the plant it might help us understand how plants grow, but died before he could finish his work. Our tribute to Turing is a mass experiment to grow 3,000 sunflowers. If enough people grow, we can collect sufficient data to put Turing’s and other scientists’ theories to the test. What better way to mark the mathematician’s centenary than to complete his final research project?
Taking part is easy. All participants need to do is grow a sunflower, keep the seed head and take part in the head count in September and October. For that, participants will be able to take their seed head to one of our special counting locations, or post their ‘spiral counts’ online. Researchers at The University of Manchester will then collate the data, and the results will be announced during Manchester Science Festival.”(
We are also planning to put a bucketful of living things into the new water feature (as it was too wet last weekend).

All ages are welcome at Miri Mieri, as long as children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Old clothes recomended. For more information contact 796849 / 07804 624795. In case of bad weather, this will happen on Sunday instead – phone to confirm time.

Litter Pick and Rockpool Ramble a huge success!


Transition Llantwit were in action again this weekend and held a very successful litter pick and rockpool ramble on Saturday 21st April.

Regardless of the inclement weather, around a dozen people turned up for the morning litter pick of which we found all sorts of various wierd and wonderful items including a lorry tyre, a car tyre, 2 golf balls and a part of a sofa!

Following the litter pick we moved the lorry tyre to our Miri Mieri community garden where it will be used as a veg bed in the coming months.

Following lunch at

the beach cafe, Helen from Glamorgan Heritage Coast joined us for a rockpool ramble! By now the rain was about to lash down but around 2 dozen people, young and old alike, joined in with enthusiasm and a determination to find something interesting!

Helen was on hand to offer her knowledge on what we found which included one edible crab, one shore crab, and other species of crab. In addition to this we found a butterfish!

We would like to offer a big thanks to Helen for attending our event, and also to all those who came rain or shine to both events. We
hope to organise similiar events over the coming summer!

We have added all the photos we took of the event to our Transition Llantwit Facebook group!

Mark Gabb
Transition Llantwit

Beach Litter Pick and Rockpool Ramble Thanks!

Transition Llantwit would like to thank everyone who took part in the litter pick and rockpool ramble yesterday at Llantwit Major beach! A full report including pictures will be published later today so keep a look out!

Mark Gabb
Transition Llantwit

Green Drinks: Cancelled

Due to many of the Transition Llantwit members not being able to make it to Green Drinks this Friday 27th April, we have decided to postpone it until next month at a date yet to be arranged.

Mark Gabb
Transition Llantwit